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Training Camp. Vacation. Journey

General Info

About us

This is my wife Natalia and me. We both enjoy cycling and traveling, in fact, this brought us together at first and hasn't changed a bit.

Cycling has been part of my life for more than a decade now, from racing to owning a bike shop, renting bikes and organizing rides. This leads to customers and friends always asking me for the best routes, places, and ways to know Costa Rica by bike. With my experience and her organizing skills, after a lot of recommendations given, travel planning, trial-and-error, vacations and training we accomplish to design and operate this tour with the best rides, hotels, accommodations, more must-see places, less time spend on cars or buses, and more time riding.


Daniel Hernandez.

Experience designer

(506) 8632-0195

who is this ride for

This tour is designed to be 3 things at once. A training camp, a vacation, and a journey. So to complete and enjoy this trip you must be a person with 3 characteristics. 

1.  Good physical condition: Maybe not the condition of a pro-cyclist, but be able to do a Gran Fondo, riding 3 days in a row, and do over 2000m of elevation rides. Maybe not with ease but at least knowing is not your first time.

2. Be ready to enjoy and relax: If all you care is about watts, improving for FTP, being more aero, having good average speed, this ride is not for you!  This ride is for someone who can enjoy the views, relax in the thermal waters, have a coffee by the lake or a beer at the beach. 

3. Be open to having an adventure. This ride is not your average Grand Fondo, there are no closed roads, assistance all the way, crowds or arrows in each intersection. If you choose to do the self-guided tour it would be only you and the road, just following the GPS. And even if you choose to go with the Premium Pack it will be a great adventure. 

What bike to use? Is up to you, from a racing road bike, gravel bike, or mountain bike.

Do you apply? Contact us!


Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, might be small in size, but its widely known for its hundred beaches in the Caribbean and Pacific, dozens of volcanos, rainforests and waterfalls, home of 4% of the world's biodiversity. Its people are know by several international surveys as the happiest country in the world, and one of the few with no army.


This ride is designed to ride by 3 volcanos (Poas, Barva, and Arenal), a 38m la Paz Waterfall, do half loop around Arenal Lake, arrive to Samara tropical Beach, relax in volcanic hot water springs,  ride by coffee plantations, most likely to see monkeys, sloths or pizotes. 


Costa Rica cycling culture: we have a rich cycling and triathlon culture. We have 3 UCI profesional cyclists, for example, Andrey Amador rides with Movistar Pro-Tour-team, winner of a Giro Italia Stage. Also  Samara beach is preatty close to  Coco Beach, home of 70.3 Ironman triatlon every year. 


What about the weather? The average temperature is 25 Celsius. Max 35 / Min 15 depending on where during the route.  There are only two seasons, dry and rainy season. The rainy season is from May to October, the good news is rain is mostly at the afternoons, and it's not unusual to get rain on any dry season day.  Daylight is from 5:30am to 5:30pm year round. 


Any other question? 

Just let us know. 

the route description

Day 1:

The first day is all about arriving in Costa Rica, well pick you up at the airport and take a 20min drive to the Hotel. If you pick the premium tour, or mechanic will assembly and check the bikes, and if you have the self-guided tour there is a space to do it by yourself and the hotel will store the bike cases for the upcoming days. At night will have a meeting/dinner to explain everything. Depending on your flight arrival time you might have some time to have an easy spin. 

Day 2:  Easy: 92km 2100m or Hard: 110kms 2670m

Stage one is all about climbing.  From the start is all the way up to 2700 meters over sea level  Poas Volcano. The 30kms climb must be one of the worlds hardest climbs. The "easy" option gets you up to 3/4 the way up. Either way, the climb is hard and will get you thru coffee plantations, cow fields, and low temperatures(10° celsius the lowest). On the way down will do a coffee stop before taking on a technical descent with dozens of 180° switchbacks just beside a 40m La Paz waterfall.  After the ride, you will get the best recovery method ever! Volcanic hot water springs in the middle of the forest. 

Day 3:  Easy 115kms 1830m or Hard 118kms 2300m.

Stage 2 is a hilly ride thru San Carlos area, besides Arenal Volcano and half loop around Arenal awesome lake. The hard option will get you more hills but is very similar to the easy one.  Fun fact; Costa Rica has the weirdest micro climates especially in this area, so be ready for unexpected rain or sun or wind any time.   This place is just magical, no words could describe it. Our hotel for that night has the coolest lake views, local coffee, and crafted beer. 

Day 4: Easy 140kms 1600m or Hard 153kms 2400m and gravel segment.

Stage 3 is the longest, the hard option will get you a 15kms segment of gravel thru wind energy fields (good enough for any road bike). Fun fact, Costa Rica makes 99.9% of its electric energy with renewable resources.  The rest of the way is kind of flat and might get hot, but it worth it! We will arrive at Samara Tropical beach for recovery at the beach.

Day 5:  This one is your choice, go for an easy ride or enjoy the beach. But we might go early because is a 4 hours drive to the first hotel were bike cases are stored, to pack up the bikes and then go to the airport. Your flight must be after 14:00hrs or we can coordinate an extra night. 

  • Is Triathlon your thing? there are nice running and swimming places in every hotel to complement your training. 

  • We recommend to book a skype meeting and we can talk face to face all the details.

  • You don't believe us about the awesomeness of the route? Check our Instagram or google Samara Beach, Poas Volcano, Arenal Lake, Arenal Volcano, La Paz Waterfall, or other of the destinations.